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Formale Systeme 511.002 (instructions), Winter semester 2019/2020

Schedule:            Thursdays starting 10.10.19

                            1pm-3pm in T01 (Group 1, me),
                            3pm-5pm in
T01 (Group 2, me),   
                            further groups t.b.a


First meeting:       Thursday October 10 at 1pm/3pm in T01 and t.b.a.

Language:           Teaching in German, course material (mainly) in English 

Tutorials:             Tuesdays 4pm-6pm in T01

Prerequisites:  None

Rules:   Presence in class is obligatory. Each student can miss one class, but not more than that without a serious reason.

Each week after the class (Thursday evening) the students are given a set of several homework exercises that are to be solved by the students until the next class.  These exercises are to be discussed during class on the following Thursday.

Each week except the first one we will have a short (15min) test with a simple exercise covering the material from the week before. These tests will be graded and together form the final grade.  

During class we will present the solution of some exercises and the students will be asked to present the solutions/discuss the other exercises.

Grading: The grade of a student is determined by: (1) his/her grades in the tests, and (2) activity (ability to present solutions of exercises) in class. Hence, this is a course with permanent evaluation, there will be no final exam.

Course description:  These are the instructions accompanying the lectures Formale Systeme 511.001. Each week the students are given a set of (approximately) ten exercises to solve which we then discuss in class.

Ana Sokolova

Dr. TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2005

Associate Professor

Computational Systems Group

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Salzburg


Tasks per week:

  1. No class in the first week of the semester, due to “Brückenkurse”.

  2. Week 2, 10.10.19 -- since we are not yet far enough with the material, we left tasks 6 - 9 for next week, and did two more (new) simple tasks in class, as well as one more example proof.

  3. Week 3, 17.10.19

  4. Week 4, 24.10.19

  5. No class in week 5, due to public holidays

  6. Week 6, 7.11.19

  7. Week 7, 14.11.19

  8. Week 8, 21.11.19

  9. Week 9, 28.11.19

  10. Week 10, 5.12.19

  11. Week 11, 12.12.19

  12. Week 12, 19.12.19

  13. Week 13, 9.1.20

  14. No class in week 14, due to my traveling (and we have enough weeks this semester)

  15. Week 15, 23.1.20

  16. Week 16, 30.1.20


  1. Textbook: Logical Reasoning: A First Course, by Rob Nederpelt and Fairouz Kameraddine, King’s College London Publications, 2007. [LR]

  1. Textbook: How to Think Like a Mathematician, by Kevin Houston, Cambridge University Press, 2009. [Think]

  2. Lecture Notes on Math Basics by Harald Woracek, TU Vienna, 2017 [LN]

  1. Textbook: Modellierung: Grundlagen und formale Methoden by Uwe Kastens and Hans Kleine Buening, Hanser, 2005. [Mod]

  1. Textbook: Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation by John E. Hopcroft, Rajeev Motwani, and Jeffrey D. Ullman, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2007. [Aut]

  2. Textbook: Introduction to the Theory of Computation, by Michael Sipser, Cengage, 2005. [Comp]

The books can be ordered via . Some copies are available at the department library.