Software Systems Seminar, Summer 2008

Prof. Kirsch, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg

Time, Location: Th 10-12 in T06, Techno-Z. First seminar is on Th, March 13, 2008. Check schedule (iCal) for updates.

Brief Overview: What is the latest trend in operating system design? Is a virtual machine an efficient concept to multiplex hardware? How does a high-performance web server work? Is a multi-threading or an event-dispatching operating system or even a hybrid of the two the way to go? Why is real-time programming so difficult? Is synchronous reactive programming or traditional real-time scheduling the right model? If you are interested in these and other systems-related questions, sign up for the software systems seminar. The seminar provides a unique opportunity to meet other students and discuss hot topics in systems research. Pick a research paper (or problem) provided in class (or propose some other recent paper), read and understand it, and then share your experience with the group.

Goals of the seminar: Learn how to read, understand, and present top research papers and their context.

Prerequisites: Background in basic programming language and operating system concepts.

Requirements: Each student selects a research paper (or problem), writes a 5-7 page survey of its research context, gives a 45min presentation on the paper, and uploads presentation and survey to the seminar wiki. Seminar language is English.


Hannes Payer (hannes dot payer at cs uni-salzburg at): Detecting and Eliminating Memory Leaks Using Cyclic Memory Allocation, ISMM, 2007, presentation.pdf.

Technical contact: Ana . Sokolova @ cs . uni-salzburg . at
Administrative contact: Petra . Kirchweger @ cs . uni-salzburg . at