Ana Sokolova

Dr. TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2005

Assistant Professor

Computational Systems Group

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Salzburg



Jakob-Haringer-Str. 2

5020 Salzburg, Austria

Room 2.17


+43 (0)662 8044 6417

+43 (0)662 8044 611 (fax)

Skype ana_sokolova

Many thanks to Silviu Craciunas for the photo (RTAS 2010 in Stockholm) and his help with iWeb!


  1. Probabilistic systems coalgebraically

    1. QAIS Workshop, 16th of September 2013, University of Minho, Braga (1 hour tutorial) slides (pdf)

    2. CMCS, ETAPS, invited talk, 26th of March 2010, Paphos, Cyprus (1 hour) slides (pdf)

  2. Congruences of Convex Algebras
    Dagstuhl Seminar 12411 on Coalgebraic Logics, 12th of October 2012, Schloss Dagstuhl (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  3. Quantitatively Relaxed Data Structures

    1. Concurrency Yak (at POPL), 22nd of January 2013, POPL, Rome (40 min. informal talk on current research) slides (pdf)

    2. Computer Science Seminar, 14th of December 2012, University of Leicester (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)

    3. Dagstuhl Seminar 12461 on Games and Decisions for Rigorous Systems Engineering, 16th of November 2012, Schloss Dagstuhl (20 min. talk) slides (pdf)

    4. Seminar talk, 30th of October 2012, University of Tokyo (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)

    5. Seminar talk, 3rd of September 2012, University of Pisa (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)

    6. RISE Seminar, 14th of June 2012, TU Vienna (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)

  4. Trace Semantics via Determinization

    1. COIN seminar, 6th of December 2012, Nijmegen (40 min. talk) slides (pdf)

    2. Theory of Probabilistic Systems (Workshop), 4th of April 2012, Bellairs Research Institute, Barbados (75 min. blackboard talk)

    3. CMCS 2012, 31st of March 2012, Tallinn (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  5. Sound and Complete Axiomatization of Trace Semantics for Probabilistic Transition Systems

    1. QAIS research workshop and kick-off meeting, 17th of October 2011, University of Minho, Braga (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

    2. MFPS XXVII, 27th of May 2011, CMU, Pittsburgh (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  6. Response times versus utilization in scheduler overhead accounting

  7. RTAS, CPS Week, 15th of April 2010, Stockholm (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  8. Coalgebraic behaviour via coinduction

  9. IST Austria, seminar, 5th of March 2010 (45 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  10. Short-term memory for self-collecting mutators: Towards time- and space-predictable virtualization

  11. RISE Workshop, Graz, 23rd of February 2010 (30 min. talk). Together with Andreas Haas, slides mainly by Christoph Kirschslides (pdf)

  12. A workload-oriented programming model for temporal isolation with VBS

  13. RePP Workshop 2009, ESWeek Grenoble, 15th of October 2009 (30 min. talk) slides (pdf) slides (open office with animations)

  14. Traces, Executions, and Schedulers, Coalgebraically
    CALCO 2009, Udine, 8th of September 2009 (30 min. talk) slides (pdf)

  15. Explicit, dynamic memory management with temporal and spatial guarantees
    Artist Design Summer School, Beijing, Tsinghua University, 20.-24. July 2009 replacing Christoph Kirsch (6 hours of lectures planned and mainly prepared by Christoph Kirsch) course slides (pdf) and additional CF slides (pdf)

  16. Classification of probabilistic systems
    Seminar of the Computer Science Group, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University, 19th of November 2008 (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)

  17. Exemplaric Expressivity of Modal Logics

    1. Dagstuhl Seminar on Coalgebraic Logics , Dagstuhl, 7th of December 2009 (30min talk) slides (pptx, huge)    slides (pdf)

    2. ProSe (Process Seminar), TU Eindhoven, 9th of February 2009 (1 hour talk) slides (pptx, huge)    slides (pdf)

    3. Seminar of the Computer Science Group, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University, 4th of December 2008 (1 hour talk). Informal talk extending the coalgebra day talk (slides below). New slides corresponding to this talk are the ones from TUE (above).

    4. Coalgebra Day 2008, Radboud University Nijmegen, 11th of March 2008 (30 min. talk) slides (pptx, huge)    slides (pdf)

  18. Bisimilarity and Trace via Coinduction
    Researcher's Seminar of the Theory and Logic Group, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), 23rd of January 2008 (1 hour talk) slides (pdf)   

  19. The Microcosm Principle and Concurrency in Coalgebra

    1. Mathematical conference in honour of Prof. Blagoj Popov's 85th birthday, Ohrid, Macedonia, 6th of September 2008 (25 min. talk) slides (pptx) slides (pdf). Thanks to Ichiro Hasuo for letting me use and edit his (already most beautiful) FoSSaCS slides.

    2. ProSe (Process Seminar), TU Eindhoven, 22nd of February 2007 slides (pdf)   

    3. ICIS Colloquium , RU Nijmegen, 12th of February 2007 slides (pdf)   

  20. Probabilistic automata: types and semantics
    IPA Herfstdagen on Stochastic Systems, Bergen NH, 28th of November 2006 (45 min. talk) slides (pdf)   

  1. Compositionality and algebraic properties of process operations
    Coalgebra Day 2006, Nijmegen, 30 October 2006 (20 min. talk) slides (pdf)   

  2. Probabilistic models for verification
    Computational Systems Group, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg, 13th of October 2006 (1 hour talk) invited by Prof. Christoph Kirsch  slides (pdf)   

  3. Probabilistic systems: a place where categories meet probability
    Computer Science Colloquium, University Dortmund, 12th of June 2006 (1 hour talk)  invited by Prof. Ernst Doberkat slides (pdf)   

  4. Generic Trace Theory
    CMCS'06 workshop, satellite event of ETAPS'06, Vienna, Austria, 25th of March 2006 (40 min. talk) slides (pdf)   

  5. On Semantic Relations: From probabilistic systems to coalgebras and back
    GEOCAL'06 meeting, workshop on Probabilistic Transition Systems, CIRM, Marseille - Luminy, 1st of March 2006 (90 min. talk) slides (pdf)   

  6. Coalgebraic analysis of probabilistic systems
    PhD defense - lekenpraatje (short talk 10 min), 3-11-2005, TU Eindhoven  slides (pdf)  more-info

  7. Weak bisimulation for action-type coalgebras

    1. ZIC colloquium, TU Eindhoven, December 2004, and Institute of Informatics, PMF, Skopje, June 2004 ACG Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam, May 2004, (long detailed talk) slides (pdf)   

    2. CTCS'04, Kopenhagen, Denmark, August 2004 (short talk 30 min.) slides (pdf)   

  8. A hierarchy of probabilistic system types

    1. FMT group, TU Twente, April 2005 slides (pdf)   

    2. Institute of Informatics, PMF, Skopje, June 2003 (the conference talk from below)

    3. ZIC Colloquium, TU Eindhoven, May 2003 (long detailed talk). Together with Falk Bartels slides (pdf)   

    4. CMCS'03, Warsaw, Polland, April 2003 (short talk 30 min.). Together with Falk Bartels slides (pdf)   

    5. ACG Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam, March 2003 (long detailed talk). Together with Falk Bartels slides (pdf)   

  9. On relational properties of lumpability
    (A)MaPAoTS project meeting, June 2003, TU Eindhoven slides (pdf)